Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa

TEA is a non-for profit organization which is legally registered by Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency in 2009 which is working for socially vulnerable and less developed people. It is dedicated to work with children, youth and communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. Ethiopian & African people are still extremely poor and very much in need of our help. That is why TEA stands with the help of poor & vulnerable people in Ethiopia & Africa.

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is let people know they are not alone.”


Helping the Poor Help Themselves

This website is a collection of stories—about life TEA’s target beneficiaries, the challenges the they face, and the solutions we are implementing to overcome those challenges. There are the success stories of people who’ve overcome tremendous adversity to make significant marks on the nation, stories of the organizations we’ve partnered with, and stories of heroes—people who have dedicated their lives to help those less fortunate.

As an Civil Societies Support Program and Christian-Aid Ethiopia focused on CSOs’ development in Ethiopia, TEA strengthened and able to raises money to help the poorest of the poor—those who often go without health, livelihood, education and WASH. We are a bridge between the generous, loving hearts of CSSP, Christian-Aid and other supporters across Ethiopia.

With the help of our partners, volunteers, generous donors, we have raised funds and helped about 100,000 people in Ethiopia. It’s just less than average of 5£ person but the changes we have made have been significant.

We have worked for better livelihood of the people so they have increased their income to fulfill their family consumption. We have given people clean water in their communities so they don’t have to spend hours travelling to get water that might make them and their children sick. We have built and expanded schools and provided medical equipment for primary health care units and, most importantly, instilled hope and joy.

Become Part of Our Story

Our story is one of love, generosity, partnership, learning, sharing and connection. It’s the story volunteers in schools & universities who have reached out across remote districts to improve quality education, primary health of target community members especially students, children and women.

We invite you to become part of our story, whether you choose to donate to TEA is inspired to take action to help someone else, or simply want to learn more about the wonderful people of Ethiopia & Africa and the challenges we can help them overcome.

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Learn more about Ethiopia’s problems and efforts for sustainable solutions.

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You never know what someone is capable of doing, if they’re given a chance. By investing in people, they in turn go on to help others. One small act of kindness can literally not only change one person’s world, but the whole world! Please donate today.