Water Security

Water Security: Addressing the Water Shortage in Ethiopia

If you have read about water scarcity in Ethiopia, you know how important it is to find ways of providing the people in the poorest regions of the country with water security. Water security truly changes lives! When communities are provided with a safe water supply, people’s health improve, women have more time to focus on other things and don’t have to set out in the dark on hours-long walks to polluted water sources, and girls are freed to attend school.

There are enough water supplies in Ethiopia, but the infrastructure to get it to where it is needed is not in place. Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa is helping provide sustainable development solutions to the issue of water security. Each time a community receives the gift of water, lives are changed.

The following are possible solutions to water shortage in Ethiopia;

1) Develop water springs and deep wells for reliable water sources.
2) Train, promote and support hand pump mechanisms for community members.
3) Mobilize the community to generate fund to secure water for the community.
4) Provide the community with sanitation and water preservation tools and mechanisms.
5) Improve latrines and other hygiene and sanitation facilities in schools.
6) Conduct hygiene and sanitation promotion campaigns across Ethiopia.
7) Strengthen community management in order to develop, implement & maintain a community-managed sustainable water supply system and sanitation systems.
8) Create community ownership by involving communities in decisions, construction and maintenance of the water supply and sanitation systems.
9) Facilitate community learning opportunities to increase community knowledge and practice of proper hygiene and sanitation through participatory learning practices, training through local water & sanitation committees and community health workers.
10) Capacity building trainings to strengthen the community’s capacity to administer community development projects.