General Questions & Answers!!

Who is Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA)?

TEA is a non-for profit organization working to achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication.Over 10 years, TEA has built a strong foundation to increase our impact as we fight for women’s rights, justice and poverty eradication in Ethiopia.

Visit the for more information on our history and board.

Why do you campaign in Ethiopia?

Certain Ethiopian Government and corporate policies and practices contribute significantly to the interconnected challenges facing women on a global scale. We act in solidarity with those fighting for a more just world. We campaign alongside a strong activist network and supporter base to hold Ethiopian decision makers to account and to ensure that Ethiopia is fulfilling its responsibility to protect and uphold the rights of women everywhere.

Does TEA have any political or religious affiliations?

Independence is one of TEA’s organizational values. All branches that belong to the TEA are independent from any religious or party-political affiliation.

Where does TEA work?

TEA works in Ethiopia and South Sudan. TEA works with women living in poverty and exclusion in Ethiopia and South Sudan. In Ethiopia, we campaign alongside our activist network to ensure that Ethiopia is playing its part in protecting and advancing the rights of women in these countries.

Does TEA subscribe to a code of conduct?

In addition to our own Code of Conduct, TEA is a signatory to the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) code of Conduct, which is a voluntary, self-regulatory code of good practice. TEA has also signed the codes of conduct of the Global Giving and Giving Tuesday.

How do I give feedback or make a complaint about TEA?

TEA believes that having a robust mechanism for handling external complaints can improve the quality of its work, enhance the trust and confidence of stakeholders, identify areas of work that need to be improved, and helps ensure that we learn from the feedback we receive. TEA there welcomes feedback and will respond openly and constructively any complaints made by the people we work with, our supporters and donors, the general public, official bodies and our partners.

To make a complaint about TEA, please contact us via one of the below options:

General complaints about any aspect of TEA and its work should be sent to Safeguarding Focal

Complaints about the Executive Director should be sent to board

Postal complaints can also be sent to the Executive Director or the Chair of the Board at:

Does TEA subscribe to a code of conduct?

In addition to our own Code of Conduct, TEA is a signatory to the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) code of Conduct, which is a voluntary, self-regulatory code of good practice. TEA has also signed the codes of conduct of the Global Giving and Giving Tuesday.


Can I volunteer in TEA office?

TEA is regularly seeking committed and passionate volunteers to work with us in all areas of our organization in our Head office in Addis Ababa, and branch office in US and UK. We advertise all available volunteering opportunities on our website and social media.

You can also volunteer with TEA in your community, by joining a local TEA group as a community leader.

Can I volunteer overseas with TEA?

TEA does not send volunteers overseas to work on our projects. In accordance with our Rights Based Approach (RBA), we aim to provide local people with opportunities to support our work and become involved in shaping their community through our projects.

Can I volunteer if I work full time?

Absolutely! Unlike other organizations, TEA does not have a minimum amount of hours that volunteers need to commit to. We recognize the enormous contribution that volunteers make to our work and are happy to accept volunteers who need to schedule their time with us around work and other external commitments.

If you are interested in volunteering but are unable to work from the TEA office in US, UK and Ethiopia, there are many other ways you can be involved in our work. From becoming a community leader to supporting us at events and attending our workshops, there are plenty of opportunities. Get in touch to find out more!

What skills or experience do I need to volunteer?

There are no particular skills or experience requires volunteering with TEA. The most important thing to us is that you are passionate about the work that we do and are committed to helping us drive change for women, children and youth living in poverty. Volunteers provide a high level of support to our work and assist us in achieving our purpose. Consequently, we strive to ensure that each TEA volunteer develops new sills and finds their experience with us rich and engaging.

Does TEA accept interns?

TEA welcomes applications from interns, however, generally only take interns on when it is required as part of a university degree. We take on full-time unpaid internships.

Does TEA have a child sponsorship program?

TEA has focused on sponsoring children in the communities we work with in the past. While we continue to directly support a number of children and their communities in Ethiopia and South Sudan, our focus on women’s rights means we are no longer recruiting child sponsors.

Supporting women living in poverty and exclusion to claim their rights invariably helps their children, family and wider communities. The best way to support TEA’s work is by making a regular donation. This means we have the vital resources we need to plan and sustain our work into the future.

I received an email offering me money and requesting personal details, claiming to be from TEA. Is it legitimate and should I respond?

TEA will never send emails offering money or requesting personal details. If you receive an email like this, we advise you not to open it. TEA does, however, send regular emails updating you on our work or occasionally asking you to donate to an appeal. These emails will never ask for your financial information and, instead, contain a link to our secure online donation page. When you donate, your card information is processed, encrypted and stored by a specialized and highly secure payment service organization.

If you have any concerns regarding an email you have received from TEA please contact our Supporter Care team on +251933920666 or email us at

What if I don’t want to donate online?

There are alternative ways to donate if you’d prefer not to do so online.

The easiest way is to give our Supporter Care team a call on 18126475105 and we can take your donation over the phone.

You can also send cheques to our postal address. Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA), Bole Sub city woreda 04, kebele 07, P.O. Box; 102030 Addiss Ababa, Ethiopia Office: +251933920666

In some circumstances, you can donate through a direct deposit. If you would like to do this, please speak to one of our Supporter Care team members.

I am a monthly donor – how do I make a change to my regular donation?

Thank you very much for your generous support of TEA through a monthly gift. Your regular support is essential in allowing us to carry out vital work in areas such as climate and economic justice for women, and women’s rights in emergencies. If you would like to update your credit card details or if you would like to change the amount of your current contribution, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 18126475105.

Are donations to TEA tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations over $2 are tax deductible and, if you register your donation, we will send you a tax receipt at the end of the financial year.

How much of my donation is spent on fundraising?

In our most recent audited financial statements 2021, fundraising accounted for 3% of expenditure but we want increase 10%. Fundraising activities is an important ways to ensure long-term, sustainable funding for our important programmatic work. All fundraising expenditure is carefully monitored to ensure good value for money and return on investment.

I would like to request a refund of my donation to TEA or I believe a donation has been debited from my account in error. What should I do?

Please see our Gift refund Policy here and contact our Supporter Services team on 18126475105 or with any questions or refund requests.

Will TEA accept a gift from any individual or business?

TEA is grateful for all financial and in-kind support from the global communities but needs to ensure that there are no legal, financial or reputation risks in accepting a gift. Please see our Gift Acceptance Policy here for more information.

Does TEA use different online donations systems?

Yes, TEA uses different payment systems for online donations.