Social Action project in Gambella Region

Addressing socio-economic challenges through active citizenship

This is a youth empowerment project through training on social enterprise and active citizenship concept implemented by TEA in Gambella Town. The project is implemented in a consortium of 7 Local CSOs with Redeem the Generation Organization as the lead partner. The project started in October 2018 and closed in April 2023. British Council provided trainings to Master Facilitators and financed the project implementation. The project benefited 10,270 young people.

Social Action Project: Trash to Cash (TTC) Initiative in Gambella Town

This is a continuation of Active Citizenship by the trained 125 Youth (86 male, 39 female) in Gambella Town as a response to the social problems they identified in their communities. This project is a proposed solution to environmental pollution in the town and along River Baro and to youth unemployment. The master facilitators trained by the British Council and Gambella Town Administration facilitated collection of garbage in communities and along River Baro. A 1-day event was held to mobilize the communities on this initiative. The collected garbage is sorted and those recyclable are recycled and reused while the rest are safely disposed. The recycled products will be sold by the youth to generate income in youth centre.

The youth will also be registered in social enterprise associations and mentored on business management. They will be organized to participate in trade bursars to showcase their entrepreneurial products.