Pilot Project on Spirulina Production and Distribution in Ethiopia

This pilot project aims to produce and distribute Spirulina products as nutritional supplements to combat malnutrition in Ethiopia. It is implemented by TEA in its Head Office in Addis Ababa City. The project started on October 2018 and it was successfully approved and licensed by the Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration & Control Authority at the end of 2019. TEA received immense support from Gambella University during the pilot phase through finances and Just Spirulina (Israel based NGO with vast experience in Spirulina growing and training of farmers in Israel, South Africa, Rwanda and DRC) which provided technical expertise and Spirulina cultivation medium. This project is expected to be scaled up in Gambella Region where the climatic conditions highly favor the growth of Spirulina. The products in powdered form of the pilot project are currently distributed to 60 elderly people institutionalized at Macedonia Home for the Elderly to help treat malnutrition and boost immunity. We have been distributing the products for 5 months now free of charge. The patients of the unprecedented COVID-19 are also receiving our products at Eka Kotebe General Hospital to boost their immunity and aid in their recovery.

Currently Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) with Ethiopian Diasporas is preparing to produce Spirulina products in the form of tablets candy and flour on 40 hectares of land Spirulina.

We participated in the Global Giving Crowd Funding Campaign of June 2019 and managed to raise USD 5,135 from 47 donors. Our target was to raise USD 10,000 to purchase a high speed centrifugal spirulina drying machine for our Spirulina production in Addis Ababa. We are cultivating and producing micro-algae Spirulina as nutritional supplements to combat malnutrition in Addis Ababa City and its environs. Our beneficiaries are school children through school feeding programmes and street children in rehabilitation centers as well as the patients of severe and acute malnutrition in health centers and hospitals.