Hope of Addicted & Vulnerable Youth project

Project Location: Lideta and Kirkos Sub-City, Addiss Ababa.
Focus on: -Addiction prevention Education, Vocational Skill Training and youth empowerment.

Atnkut Temesgen is a dynamic 28 year old man living in Addiss Ababa, Ethiopia. When TEA first met him on the street, he was unemployed and had no type of training to qualify him for jobs. TEA introduced Hope of Addicted and vulnerable youth funded by CSSP/British Council. TEA consists of numerous initiatives, including educating youth in various vocational training programs. The overall goal of the program is to increase opportunities for at-risk youth to get off the streets by ensuring an alternative and productive lifestyle.

With the support of the CSSP/British Council program, Atnkut embraced learning all there was to know about how to become a renowned tailor. He quickly became a leader in his classroom, it was obvious that Atnkut was a student that others admired and respected. He now hopes to one day become a great stylist but first to be employed and thereafter own his own Metal and wood workshop. Atnkut expressed his feelings this way:

“If it was not for TEA’s, Hope of Addicted and vulnerable youth Program, I would still have been wandering around, unemployed and living on the street. Now I can proudly say that because of TEA & CSSP/ British Council, I am employed and working towards a career.”

Apart from owning his own metal and wood workshop, Atnkut has many other hopes and dreams. Not forgetting where he came from, Atnkut desires to eventually give back and help other unemployed youth still living on the streets who have not had the chance to receive addiction counseling and vocational skill training. Atnkut wants to offer them the opportunity to come and learn with him at his metal & wood workshop. By doing so, he will complete the circle and accomplish the ultimate goal of giving back to his community the way TEA was able to give to him. “I deeply thank the TEA’s Program for helping me. I am really pleased, proud, and satisfied.