A message from the founder and CEO

I am Yonas Mamo, the founder and chief executive officer of Ethio-spirulina supplementary food industry plc. I am excited about my new creativity because of our business company's unique ability to deliver authentic quality "Ethio-spirulina, super food. Super future" From from Arenguade and Chitu lakes of rift valley of Ethiopia. As pioneers in this field with over 5 years of production expertise, we are proud to be the only manufacturer to offer this quality product in Ethiopia.

Moreover, we take pride in our commitment Spirulina business, which is our natural resource that has not been used for centuries, to solve the nutritional deficiency, to reducing climate change and creating jobs as well as being used as a row-material for other products development in sustainability.

Our factory has achieved "Zero water discharge" Despite producing huge tonnage of aquaculture and vegetables "Ethio-spirulina®". Additionally, we utilize over 70% of reusable green energy sources in our production process.
Join us in experiencing a bright future and improved health through our "Ethiopian grown spirulina" Called "Ethio-spirulina, super food. Super future®".

Sincerely yours,
Yonas Mamo
Founder and CEO,

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