Staff of TEA

Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) has a team of staff who are dedicated, experienced and qualified to provide excellent oversight roles of our organization and its initiatives. We have full time staff and part time volunteers whose undying efforts have seen TEA grow from one level to another over the years. We strive to use the vast majority of our human resources to ensure that we fulfill our mandate as an organization. We are particularly very lucky to have the support of His Excellency the former president of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as our patron.

Message and Opinion from TEA’s patron

H.E. Girma wolde-Giyorgis, Former President of the FDRE, Ethiopia

Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa, TEA was established by the FDRE Charities and Societies Agency law and regulation in April 25, 2009 with a view for providing social services and any other services for the poor, the ultra poor, women, children and ethnic minorities in Ethiopia. The Organization is receiving funds from YNSD, Christian Aid-Ethiopia, Civil Society Support Program (CSSP)/ British Council and Department for International development (DFID) through the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. TEA is based on unprecedented efforts of implementing grant programs initiated and developed on the theme-Poverty and Development. TEA brings together the voices of the poor people working under the direct supervision of donors and governments. TEA works with the poor pursing the realities of their lives. From our past experience with the above donor organizations, we try to know how poor people view poverty and wellbeing. What are their problems and priorities? What are the experiences of the institutions, of the State, of the markets and the civil societies? How do gender relations work within households and communities? What poor people share with us is polarizing; poor people care many of the same things all of us care about: Happiness, Family, Children, Livelihood, Health, Dignity and Respect. From the perspective of the poor people, corruption, irrelevant and abusive behavior often mar the formal institutions of the Society. NGOs, too, realize mixed rating for the Poor. Poor people would like NGOs to be accountable to them. Poor peoples’ interaction with traders and markets are stamped with their power lessens to negotiate few pares. How then do poor people survive? What can be more important than listening to the poor and working with our partners all over the country to respond to their concerns, our core mission is to help poor people succeed in their efforts through innovation, empowerment and promoting new ways of thinking and doing.

Girma Wolde-Giyorgis
Former President of FDRE, Ethiopia
TEA Patron

Message from the Founder & Executive Director,

Yonas Mamo

Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA).

It's our unshakeable belief that Ethiopia will never achieve its true growth story until the rural sector of the country is empowered to make choices and transform their own lives. With this thought, we initiated TEA seven years ago with a mission to empower half-million lives in 3 years through 360-degrees development initiatives across community mobilization, education & capacity building, One Health (the convergence of Human, Animal and Environmental health), water & sanitation & livelihood. Our aim is to create a model for development that can be replicated at a larger scale in Ethiopia and perhaps across the world.

While we, as a strong team at the TEA, strive hard to find and execute solutions to the multiple challenges Rural Ethiopians faces, we'd be happier if we don't achieve our goal alone as we strongly believe in partnerships & team work, impartation, learning and sharing knowledge and village ownership model and work with multiple partners which include Donors, foundations, the government, corporate institutions and individuals. We at TEA are committed and raring to go. We aren't naive about the task we've set but are determined to create communities that will have the ability to contribute substantially to Ethiopian's growth story.

We have always aspire to see healthy, pleasant and vibrant communities in Ethiopia, as well as in the African continent where the Urban – Rural divide doesn't exist. We hope that you will pledge your support to TEA in support of our rural communities. Pledge to support their dreams with the same passion we pursue our own. Pledge to become a part of their world and welcome them to yours, share the world!

Today, we want to leave you with three thoughts; If not now, then when? If not here, then where? If not you, then who?

Yonas Mamo Zewudie, Founder and Executive Director

Board Members

Diriba Muleta Yadetie (PHD), Associate Professor Board Chairman

Gatnet Hunde
Board Member

Anteneh Tesfaye (PhD), Assistant Professor
Board Member

Alemayehu Mengesha Cherkos Vice Board Chairman

Amanual Mulugeta
Board Member

Staff Members

Mr. Yonas Mamo, Executive Director
Mobile: +25193392066

Mr. Miressa Belay, Regional Program Director
Mobile: +251960084050 / +251931677749
E-mail: or

Mr. Wondmeneh Getnet, Program officer
Mobile: +251913943766

Ms. Genet Gemechu, Finance and Admin Head
Mobile: +251911836823

Ms. Nancy Chebet Rotich, Resource Mobilization and Programs Director
Mobile: +251988979075

Mr. Thomas Emmerich Brandly, Public Relation & Partnership Officer
Mobile: +251966912794

Mr. Amanuel Tamiru, Monitoring and evaluation Manager
Mobile: +251913088999

Ms. Manalebish Aschale, Administration Assistant
Mobile: +251925758584

Tesfaye Sisay Tessema (DVM, MSc, PhD), Assoc. Prof.
Part-time One Health Program Director & Researcher
Mobile: +251-910304449