Sanitation & Hygiene in Ethiopia

Poor sanitation and hygiene is one of the major causes of diseases and infections all around the world. But sanitation and hygiene impact more than just health. A lack of sanitation takes dignity away and can keep people locked in the cycle of poverty. In Ethiopia, only 52% of the population has access to sanitation facilities. The water and sanitation crisis in Ethiopia and other countries must be addressed. Globally, less than 1 person in 3 actually has access to a toilet. This is hardest on females. In many countries, women must wait until nightfall to relieve themselves and girls attending schools without toilets must drop out after reaching puberty because they have no privacy and therefore hard for them to concentrate on their studies.

About half of all girls worldwide attend schools without toilets. The lack of privacy causes many girls to drop out when they reach puberty. Without education, they are not able to earn any income due to lack of skills. It is therefore clear that poor sanitation and hygiene only contributes to keeping the people destitute.