Protect Hope of addicted and vulnerable Youth CSSP/British council Project

Protect hope of Addicted and Vulnerable Youth Project addresses the needs of Addis Ababa children and youth in Kirkos woreda 10 and Lidetsa Sub-City woreda 06, who are at risk of using illicit drugs, khats and also their families.

The focus is utilizing a community outreach and cross-training strategy to target this high risk population, the project goals were:

- culturally appropriate substance abuse education and prevention efforts geared to Addis Ababa children, youth and families
- To develop and share, with community partners, an effective collaboration model between human service systems.

The Project objectives were two-fold:

- To increase awareness of substance abuse and it’s prevention within the Addis Ababa community and
- To develop a collaborative and strengths-based solution to illicit drug use among Addis Ababa youth.

Target Population

The primary target group for this project was Addis Ababa youth and their families. It was anticipated that during the project period, approximately 500 parents would attend parent education sessions and 350 youth would attend education sessions geared towards the youth. The secondary beneficiaries of this project were Addis Ababa youth & community workers and addiction prevention service providers. Their direct involvement in the cross-training strategy, the educations sessions, and outreach & referral, was designed to expand their capacity to serve Addis Ababa youth and families.

Hope of addicted & Vulnerable Youth Project Achievement

- Developed drug abuse prevention manual & conducted 2.5 days of drug abuse prevention training for service providers and TEA staffs
- Pilot substance abuse prevention education sessions conducted for the target youth and their parents
- conducted substance abuse prevention education sessions for 350 Lideta and Kirkos Sub-City youth and 500 parents
- Developed and distributed 4 culturally appropriate youth drug abuse prevention fact sheets in Amharic & Develop 5 culturally appropriate youth drug abuse prevention public billboard and hosted one drug free festival awareness program for Addis Ababa community
- Promoted project at key conferences
- Conducted presentation on project accomplishments, evaluation findings and recommendations for stakeholders