Partnership and Coordination

Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) is grateful for the strong partnerships we have with our donor partners. TEA’s vision realizes the value of collaboration and we look forward to developing new partnerships as we play our part in working towards realization of the goal of the organization. Whether you are an individual, Community Based Organization, NGO, business owner, club or government agency, everyone can play a part in achieving our goals.

One of the partnership and coordination program implemented in 2015/2016 is Institutional capacity building intervention program in two developing regions of Ethiopia.

Institutional capacity building intervention program

Institutional capacity building intervention program has three components. These are rapid institutional capacity assessment (self- assessment and in-depth assessment), consultative meeting, experience sharing and learning tour and strategic plan development. The institutional capacity assessment is implemented in 4 Regional Development Associations (RDAs) of Gambella region and Benshangulgumuz regional states. These are Anywaa Community Development Association (ACDA) and Ethiopian Nuer Development Association (ENDA) of Gambella region and Tikuret Legumuz Hizib Development Association (TLDA) and Benshangul Development Association (BDA) of Benshangulgumuz regional state. This capacity building intervention has be implemented with the objectives of identifying institutional gaps of RDAs, to enhance the governance and leadership of RDAs and to ensure informed and strategic engagement and contribution of RDAs. As of our agreement with Christian Aid Ethiopia, Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) has completed all the three activities successfully.

The technical support and facilitation part of the intervention has been conducted by TEA and the RDAs themselves within the RDAs so that it is possible to assess the gaps of the RDAs in their financial management, monitoring and evaluation, organizational structure, human resource management, resource mobilization, fundraising and documentation. These all activities have been facilitated by TEA with financial support from Christian Aid Ethiopia.