Invest in People, Change Countless Lives Forever

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

You’ve seen the difference that access to clean water, sustainable food sources, and education makes to individuals, families, and communities. These success stories didn’t happen because of handouts; they happened because people have been empowered to help themselves.

You never know what someone is capable of doing, if they’re given a chance. By investing in people, they in turn go on to help others. One small act of kindness can literally not only change one person’s world, but the whole world!

Please Invest Today

What does your investment mean to our friends in Ethiopia? It means food, water, and education—and much more. They sense your empathy, they know you really care, and they feel the love and the security of knowing you are providing a hand up. These are people living not only in poverty, but in destitution. Knowing you care gives them hope, strength, courage, and faith.

And remember, help doesn’t just flow one way. In the end, the people of Ethiopia, with their high level of spiritual currency, might be the ones to save us. They have the gift of spiritual enlightenment and renewal, and helping them meet their physical needs helps us all!

What Will Your Donation Do?

75-80% of your money goes directly to recipients.
  • For £5 you can: – Provide basic school supplies for a child’s school term or Provide a hygiene kit for one child in a local village.
  • For £10 you can: – Train a pump mechanic to maintain community water well or Purchase two banners to promote awareness of the HIV & AIDS pandemic.
  • For £50 you can: – Purchase food that promote general health at monthly Nutrition Fairs.
  • For £100 you can: – Purchase mosquito nets for three vulnerable children to prevent malaria.
  • For £100 you can: – Cover vocational school tuition for one out-of-school youth.
  • For£300 you can: – Provide 25 orphans and vulnerable children with health insurance for a year.
  • For £500 you can: – Provide clean drinking water in close proximity to a village so women don’t have to walk 5-6 km to acquire it. This also frees their daughters to attend school on a daily basis!

Thinking Bigger?

  • For £1,000 you can: – Help with the construction of a community dam for irrigation in rural communities.
  • For £2,000 you can: – Rehabilitate a Community School or provide school support, (food, uniforms, shoes, exam fees, tuition etc.) for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • For £500 you can: – Provide micro-loans for women so they can start a small business—cooking, baking, or sewing their way to a successful, independent life.
  • For £1,000 you can: – Provide clean drinking water for 200 village people for one year.
  • For £2,000 you can: – Provide training for 25 Youth and 25 women on basic skills on business development service training that helps run their business in sustainable ways.
  • For £3,000 you can: – Provide much-needed medical equipment and medicines for rural centers.
  • For £4,000 you can: – Help build a school, giving young people access to a good education and a bright future.
  • For 5,000 and above you can: – Help build a technical school or college that provides trade certification and will help people find employment, support themselves and their families.

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