Regional Development association (RDAs)

Institutional Capacity Building program

In Ethiopia Most of RDA’s and CBOs emerge as a voluntary effort made by local activists to address few issues faced by their respective communities. Being activist centered voluntary organizations in nature; these organizations lack organizational capacity and project management skills; which become a pre-requisite for these organizations when aspiring to work with national and international donors. This has not only limited the ability of these organizations to mobilize resources for their respective organizational projects but also donors’ trust on the capabilities of these organizations.

The institutional capacity building program is implemented in 4 Regional Development Associations (RDAs) of Gambella region and Benshangulgumuz regional states. These are Anywaa Community Development Association (ACDA) and Ethiopian Nuer Development Association (ENDA) of Gambella region and Tikuret Legumuz Hizib Development Association (TLDA) and Benshangul Development Association (BDA) of Benshangulgumuz regional state. This capacity building intervention has be implemented with the objectives of identifying institutional gaps of RDAs, to enhance the governance and leadership of RDAs and to ensure informed and strategic engagement and contribution of these RDAs. TEA has developed a capacity building package with a clearly defined strategy to build organization’s capacities; efficiency, transparency, effective delivery of services and overall management quality for the RDA’s working at small and medium levels. On the other hand the organizational staff as well as volunteers of respective organizations is trained in a number of disciplines in order to enhance their skills with a focused approach.


The four RDA’s staffs and their board members are trained in basic organizational and professional skills providing technical human resource support to their respective RDAs in two regions for effective implementation and management of projects.

RDAs and CBOs are evaluated to ascertain their organizational capacities and 4 of the selected RDAs are provided with technical support in setting their strategic directions for improving resource mobilization and implementation for a better program effectiveness. The project is being financed by Christian Aid Ethiopia and implemented by TEA for a period of one year.

Achievements of the institutional capacity building project

  • Boards and professionals staff of 4 RDAs are trained in organizational management and other technical disciplines
  • The technical capacity of participants is build in developing strategic plan & writing project proposals
  • The training participants are better able to organize communities following a vigorous process oriented exercise
  • The communication skills within the organizations are well developed
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the organizations are identified and strategic directions are set for improved implementation and program effectiveness
  • Internal controls and accounting practices within the RDAs are very well developed
  • The RDAs human resource and financial manuals are updated and their strategic plans developed