The seeds of Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) were planted in the mid 2009.

Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) came to reality as a personal vision fulfillment of its soul founder, Yonas Mamo, who is also the Executive Director. The life journey he had passed as a government employee working on social mobilization at the grassroots level of the community and his day to day contact with the lives of poor people in his working locality was a great impetus and driving force to think of establishing a charity organization or a nonprofit where he can satisfy his vision of helping people. This driving vision turned out to be a reality in the month of April, 2009 when TEA was established in Debre Berhan town, the seat of the North Shoa Zone Administration of the Amhara regional state, where he had spent many of his government career years.

TEA mainly focuses on Health, One health (Human, Animal and Environmental) profession integration, livelihood through the provision of mind development and empowerment services. Handouts and direct provision of daily consumables are highly discouraged at TEA. Rather, appreciating existing potentials and developing the capacities of individuals, families and communities to bring about their own development is the core program development principle of TEA.

TEA believes in reaching out to many and giving packaged development services to the target beneficiaries. TEA is an inclusive community based organization that recognizes and respects the culture, values and expertise of the communities it works with. By engaging with individuals, organizations and community representatives, and by always asking "what are the priorities for the community?" TEA works to serve people with initiatives that are welcomed, which offer external support while also promoting a sense of their ownership, and which are fully sustainable.

Hear From a TEA volunteer:

"If you are reading this and wondering if volunteering at TEA is a worthwhile community based NGO to partner with, I'd like to emphasize that I could really see how much thought and consideration was put into every decision that the team took to ensure the Dance4Life “adolescent Sexual reproductive health youth friendly service demand creation” Program for school communities was ethical, culturally appropriate and sustainable.

I could see how much TEA empowers school students and the surrounding communities. I could also clearly see the positive relationships built between TEA and the community.

As a partner & volunteer, TEA also made sure to prepare me to be an effective team member during my orientation which covered aspects such as safety, culture and how to appropriately deal with a variety of situations that I might encounter in day to day life whilst in Ethiopia. I think this again reflects to how TEA is a responsible organization to their target beneficiaries and stakeholders.

I am so glad to have been able to work with TEA in Ethiopia and hope I can return very soon!"
Vasti Putnam-TEA Volunteer, Dance4Life project, April 2015.