Health especially Neonatal and Maternal Health (RNMH) services in Ethiopia

Contributing factors like the pastoralist and other developing regions of Ethiopia’s population and backward economy with low performance, the welfare of its people is at stake. Maternal & neonatal deaths in the regions are very high due to the reproductive health service coverage being very poor if any. Both supply side and demand side factors contribute to the problem. On the supply side, poorly equipped health institutions and low quality of service by health service providers are among the major factors. On the demand side, the lack of awareness on the benefits of using professionally attended health services and socio-cultural & geographic barriers stand as the major ones discouraging women and youth not to utilize reproductive, neonatal and maternal health (RNMH) services that are available to them.

Due to these and other major factors, the maternal health situation in the regions are much lagging behind the national average, where only 11% of the women go to their first ANC visit during pregnancy, 19% of women have 4 or more ANC, 34% of women receive antenatal care from a skilled provider at least once, only 10% of women deliver in a health facility; 75% deliver at home and only 7% of these mothers receive postnatal check up within two days of birth according to the survey conducted by Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey (EDHS 2011).

Neonatal and Maternal Health (RNMH) Services Innovative Fund (RIF) program is an important program that minimizes maternal & neonatal deaths, maximizes the reproductive health service coverage and better awareness of the community in using reproductive services, contraceptives, family planning and HIV/AIDS controlling and prevention activities.

Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) is implementing RIF project in 14 districts of Afar region in partnership with Afar Development Association (AFDA) and Semera Health Science College (SHSC) since June 1, 2015. Tremendous results have been registered in these 14 districts of Afar region on RMNH. The districts of RMNCH intervention are Semera-Logiya town administration, Adaar, Aysaita, Chifra, Dubti, Elida’ar, Afambo, Awra, Ewa, Gulina, Teru, Delifage, Dewe, Telalek and Samara logiya.