TEA management and governance system

The General Assembly is the supreme power of TEA’s governance and is responsible for formulation of general guide lines and polices’ approval of annual programs, budget and any other activity which help to accomplish the set out goals.

Board of Directors

The board of directors has the following duties and responsibilities in TEA;
1. Formulates policies, guidelines and presents to the general assembly for its approval.
2. Checks partnership agreements made with donors and other bodies to ensure that they are in line with the mandate of TEA.
3. Checks whether the donations and grants are utilized properly.
4. Hires and fires the general meeting and auditor.
5. Collaborates with governments, donors, foundations and the private sectors.
6. Oversight of compliance with and progress against the Organization’s strategies, policies and standards.

The board of TEA consists of 5 natural persons including the Chair, Treasurer and Vice Chair. The Board may continue to act in circumstances where its number of members has fallen below the minimum required (3) but in such circumstances it may only act for the purpose of increasing the number of its members or of summoning an Assembly Meeting.

The Board is the board of the organization as meant in the Ethiopian civil code. The Board is vested with the responsibility of governance of the Organization and shall exercise the powers and functions assigned to it by the Regulations made under the TEA’s Constitution, or by resolution of the Assembly.