TEA came to reality as a personal vision fulfillment of its soul founder Yonas Mamo. It was established in the Month of April 2009.

TEA is an acronym for Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa, and Tiruzer is an Amharic word meaning “Fruitful Generation” we therefore want to build a generation of young achievers, responsible and productive citizens, high impact professionals, and self-reliant families and communities. As the name stands for Ethiopia and by implication for Africa, we want to have grassroots and meaningful operational presence in all regions of Ethiopia and Africa, and be a great source of developmental inspiration and strength to vulnerable people.

Whenever you see TEA in life, you often have to go through the dark clouds of injustice, turmoil, and poverty and face the ominous sky of inequity and entrenched greed. But if you have the courage to face life’s storms head-on—to be bold, steadfast, and resolute while keeping God at your side—the result will be a beautiful, vibrant TEA of hope.

We hope you will join us, either by contributing to our organization or by building your own TEA to help someone else have a brighter future!

TEA acts like a bridge, a conduit of love and compassion. Whatever the action taken, it tells its beneficiaries that we do it for we care about them. We respect their dignity and self-worth, and they are an integral part of our global family!

Become part of our story, whether you choose to donate, or inspired to help someone else, or simply want to learn more.

Conversely, if you look at it from our side of the ocean, you could say our board is a group that brings to the table a whole array of different experiences and talents. These people are selfless, generous, intelligent, caring, kind-hearted, and principled. They are people of profound courage and vision.